Increase Your ROI with Targeted Advertising

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also referred to as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Paid Search, is an advertising strategy that targets your core customer demographics. When someone searches for a product or service, you want them to click on your link in the search results. Without audience targeting, you are wasting your advertising budget on visitors who are not likely to convert to a sale.

Developing Your Advertising Strategy

We’ll start by working with your team to determine what your business goals are. Need to boost sales of a certain product or service? Perhaps your aim is to drive traffic to your blog or email signup form. We’ll examine your needs and develop a comprehensive strategy to meet your goals.
We then research keywords and asses the competition and monthly traffic volume. The key is to find search phrases that have relatively low competition with high search volume.
Once we have a list of keywords to target, we then begin building the ad campaigns and ads that drive traffic to your site.
The first month of advertising is mostly gathering data. While we expect an increase in visitor traffic and lead generation, we will monitor the search terms that lead to the most conversions and adjust the campaign accordingly. This stage is crucial for ensuring your ad spend is delivering the best ROI.

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